On the Frontlines: Doing Business in China

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James Fallows, Editorial Supervisor and Co-Host, with analysis by Joe Nocera of The New York Times
Plus over 150 candid interviews.

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ON THE FRONTLINES captures the reality of doing business in China. Host James Fallows illustrates the real thinking behind Chinese business practices. He gets executives to reveal secrets of success that usually take years to learn.”
- Chris Koch, President, Asia-Pacific, Carlisle
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On the Frontlines: Doing Business in China


ON THE FRONTLINES: DOING BUSINESS IN CHINA Gets Rave Reviews From Business Leaders Who Are Successful in China

“If you want an edge to successful business in China, this is it. ON THE FRONTLINES is a concise, pragmatic, and in-depth picture of China's "not-so-obvious" business practice - peeling off the layers of subtleties and revealing the core. Great insights from the interviewees. From my 13 years of management experience in China, I know that those who understand China's business culture prosper, while those who don't leave themselves open to costly mistakes. These disks are a must-buy.”

- Esmond Quek, President and CEO, EverBloom China;
Former CEO of Hill & Knowlton, China.

ON THE FRONTLINES captures the reality of doing business in China. Host James Fallows illustrates the real thinking behind Chinese business practices. He gets executives to reveal secrets of success that usually take years to learn. They cap off the DVD series with a CD-ROM that’s worth the cost of the entire package. After working in China for many years, I know there’s always more to learn. I just didn’t know it could be this easy and entertaining.”

- Chris Koch, President Asia-Pacific, Carlisle Companies

ON THE FRONTLINES is now mandatory viewing for my senior staff. I’ve been building and operating businesses in China for more than 15 years, and these DVDs capture what every business needs to know to operate successfully in China.”

- Pat Cavanagh, President & CEO Williams Controls

“At Sara Lee we always seek ways to merge our corporate culture with Chinese culture. ON THE FRONTLINES: DOING BUSINESS IN CHINA is the first resource that we can use on both sides of the ocean. They get China right. ”

- Andi Chandra, CEO, Sara Lee, China

ON THE FRONTLINES will shift the paradigm in the way America looks at China. While obviously meant for experienced businesspeople, anyone interested in Chinese culture will learn from it. Essential for students of business, history and culture.”

- Prof. Ronald M. Schramm, Columbia University Graduate School of Business

“For anyone who has ever walked out of a business meeting in China and said “what just happened in there?” ON THE FRONTLINES is for you. It is often said that China is a very contextual place- nothing can be properly understood without understanding the context. These tapes take that critical idea and run with it- providing a dynamic introduction to the historical, social, political and economic backdrop in China that colors every commercial interaction. I must admit that I have become a bit numbed by the mini-industry that the “how to succeed in China” books have become, but I found this series to be a breath of fresh air. It’s a very enjoyable, informative and insightful walk through what a businessperson needs to know to make their own decisions and judgments on China, not merely to mimic what others have done.”

-Chip Chaiken, Managing Director for Blue Point Capital Partners Asia

ON THE FRONTLINES: DOING BUSINESS IN CHINA provides an enjoyable and thought-provoking analysis of the rapidly changing business environment in China. It boldly takes-on all of today's sensitive issues -- such as intellectual property, censorship, contracts, product safety, taking US jobs, environmental protection, guanxi, labor rights, Taiwan, government control, and corruption. -- with frank talk and balanced perspectives. It recognizes the complexities and tremendous diversity of China and Chinese people. It challenges misperceptions of China that sometimes exist in the west. For the newcomer or for the old China hand, this DVD series will stimulate new ideas for your business in China -- and will leave you excited and optimistic about the opportunities for your business in the world's future largest economy. ”

-Steve O’Neil, Sr. VP, Tyco Electronics

ON THE FRONTLINES is vital for MBA students and anyone else who plans for success in the China market. It benefits people at all levels. The more one understands China, the more one can comprehend the nuances one sees in the video. I have been doing business in China since 1982 and teaching the subject for ten years. This video far surpasses any other on the subject.”

- Prof. Lawrence Delson, New York University

“If one picture is worth a thousand words, ON THE FRONTLINES: DOING BUSINESS IN CHINA is priceless. The access they achieve is truly remarkable. Anyone at all interested in China will find ON THE FRONTLINES well worth the investment.”

- Lee Shoulders, Dir. Of Archive Films, Getty Images

“The photography is incredible. The cameras went everywhere. ON THE FRONTLINES covers business in China as if it were the Olympics.”

- Mike Unger, NBC Sports, Olympics Associate Producer