ON THE FRONTLINES captures the reality of doing business in China. Host James Fallows illustrates the real thinking behind Chinese business practices. He gets executives to reveal secrets of success that usually take years to learn.”
- Chris Koch, President, Asia-Pacific, Carlisle
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Most American businesses are hugely profitable in China, even in the current global recession. Of course, few boast about it. (Just check out General Motors in China.) China’s economy is still set to grow 8% in 2009. More importantly, Chinese companies are now quietly buying Western stock, learning to control a company with far less than a 50% stake.

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The Two Key Questions You Need to Ask About Doing Business in China.

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On the Frontlines: Doing Business in China

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James Fallows and Emily Chang together in Shanghai ON THE FRONTLINES:
is hosted by James Fallows,
China-based correspondent for The Atlantic

and Emily Chang,
author and journalist.
Joe Nocera Special commentary by Joe Nocera of The New York Times